The Canadian Academy of Health Sciences (CAHS) is now accepting nominations for 2024 Fellowship. The deadline for submission is Wednesday March 6th, 2024.

Three letters of nomination are required. CAHS will consider applications where none of the nominators are CAHS Fellows. The primary nominator must provide a letter of nomination that introduces the nominee and co-nominators, the primary nominator accepts responsibility to co-ordinate the entire application.

We recognize that those nominated for the Academy represent the pinnacle of their respective fields. To facilitate transparent, impartial, and fair assessment of nominations, the Academy has developed a rubric to assist both reviewers and nominators in more clearly understanding the criteria upon which decisions are made. Nominators are advised to carefully review the rubric and include relevant and concise information in the nomination package that will help Academy reviewers understand why the nominated individual has met and exceeded these criteria and therefore should be selected as a Fellow. Please click here to download the rubric.

Preparing a Fellowship Nomination – 2024

Nomination Form

Nominations are adjudicated by the Fellowship Committee in May.  Nominees are advised of outcomes by the end of July, but information is embargoed until Induction ceremony in September.

A large number of outstanding candidates are nominated each year. It is inevitable that some are not elected in the first year.  Nominations are active for one year after the first submission and updates to the original nomination package are accepted through this period. If an applicant is unsuccessful on two occasions, they will need to wait two years to re-apply.  What constitutes an update?  Well, it may be the replacement of one piece of the original submission or the entire nomination package.

Please note: We advise anyone who is considering re-submitting an application to thoroughly review the 2024 submission package, as a new personal statement from the nominee is required in 2024.

To be accepted as a carry forward nomination, we must receive written intent to join the process for 2024.