Consulting with organizations and individuals will be essential to the success of this project. This will include:

  • Academic experts
  • Health charities representatives from national, provincial/territorial and regional health charities that conduct or fund research and are privately funded (not run/funded by the government).

We will engage in three different ways:

  1. Survey/Written Input
  2. Key informant interviews
  3. Virtual sessions

Stakeholders will be invited to contribute by:

  • Sending relevant information to the research team in advance of the consultations
  • Spreading the word to help identify further stakeholders
  • Actively participating in the consultations

There will be two rounds of engagement:

First round (Spring 2024): To develop a better understanding of the issues and efforts underway;

Second round (Fall 2024): To define potential refinements to the CAHS framework.

We want to hear from you

Virtual session:  The first virtual session will be on June 18th, 2024 at 1:00pm ET. Please register for our Stakeholders’ engagement session by clicking here. The session will take the form of a Zoom-based meeting where participants will be invited to provide their thoughts through the Q&A function.

Survey/Written Input: An invitation to participate will be sent out soon. As part of our first round of engagement, we will invite you to share your organization’s most relevant information on the impact of your research activities through our survey.

To find out more, please check our FAQ and email to be added to our distribution list.

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