The CAHS Board manages, or supervises the management of, the activities and affairs of the Corporation. It is the highest level of governance and comprises 15 members and three ex-officio members.  Membership includes five executive officers; President, Past President, President Elect, Treasurer and Secretary.

The appointment of President-elect is of critical importance to the Academy. This individual makes a commitment to serve for six years commencing with the two year appointment as President-Elect that leads to a two year appointment as President, which carries substantial responsibilities as the overall leader of the Academy, and a final two year appointment as past-President.

The Board meets by conference call approximately every two months for two hours, and face-to-face twice each year (once at the Annual Meeting in September and once at a free-standing retreat in Toronto or Ottawa between January and June).

All appointments to the Board are term limited.  Recommendations to renew terms and make new appointments are proposed each year at the Annual General Meeting in September and formally endorsed by the Fellows of the Academy.