This type of assessment is concerned with the review of the reports of other academies, governments and countries. Interest in better health knows no borders, and there is a continuing stream of reports on topical health issues released from other countries and international organizations. These have important implications for relevant organizations in Canada, and so a frequent question relates to the Canadian applicability of the report and its recommendations. Recognizing the value of these international reports, and the importance of framing them in the Canadian environment, CAHS offers an assessment called the “Triple C — Casting in the Canadian Context“. At the request of the sponsor(s), and following agreement on the “statement of task”, CAHS will convene a specially appointed independent Assessment Panel to review the foreign report(s). Members of the panel are drawn chiefly from Canada and are chosen for their relevant expertise, freedom from real and perceived conflicts of interest, and contributions to a balance of views on the panel. Their review is sent for peer-review and revision prior to approval by the CAHS Board and subsequent dissemination.