MISSION STATEMENT (as per the CAHS bylaws)

The objective of the Canadian Academy of Health Sciences is to provide assessments of, and advice on, key issues relevant to the health of Canadians.

In order to achieve this role it:

  1. Elects fellows to the Academy, Canadian citizens or Canadian residents for the preceding three years, who are recognized by their peers nationally and internationally for their contributions to the promotion of health sciences, and who have demonstrated leadership, creativity, distinctive competencies and a commitment to advance academic health sciences;
  2. Serves as a credible, expert and independent assessor of science and technology (S&T) issues relevant to the health of Canadians;
  3. Supports the development of timely, informed and strategic advice on urgent health issues;
  4. Supports the development of sound and informed public policy related to these issues;
  5. Enhances understanding of science and technology issues affecting the public good by transmitting the results of assessments and providing opportunities for public discussion of these matters;
  6. Provides a collective authoritative multi-disciplinary voice of health sciences communities; and
  7. Represents Canadian health sciences internationally and liaises with like international academies to enhance understanding and potential collaborations on matters of mutual interest.


Informed actionable solutions that improve the health of Canadians.


CAHS is:

  • Collaborative
  • Unbiased
  • Transparent
  • Expert
  • Strategic
  • Independent

The CAHS pledges to serve Canadians by volunteering the time and expertise of our Fellows by conducting independent, unbiased, expert assessments on health-related topics of major importance to Canada.  The document entitled What if you could help create a HEALTHIER CANADA? details the value of our work.

What if you could help create a healthier Canada?