GG Recognizes CAHS Fellows’ Excellence

Several CAHS Fellows have been recognized by the Governor General as new appointments to the Order of Canada.  These appointments highlight the outstanding achievement, dedication to the community and service to the nation.

Congratulations to the CAHS Fellows receiving these prestigious awards:


  • Monique Begin (University of Ottawa) – For her lifelong contributions to public health, education and global human rights, and for consistently strengthening Canada’s international reputation in these fields.


  • Philip Berger (University of Toronto) – For his long-standing efforts to bring the social determinants of health to the forefront of medical care and for his strong advocacy on behalf of vulnerable patients.


  • Carol Pearl Herbert (University of Western Ontario) – For her contributions to the fields of clinical and academic medicine, as a family physician, medical educator, researcher and administrator.
  • John H. McNeill (UBC) – For his contributions to cardiovascular pharmacology and for his pioneering research that linked cardiac disease and diabetes.
  • Brian Postl (University of Manitoba) – For his leadership of and involvement in the advancement of clinical and academic health care in Manitoba.
  • Roger Wong (UBC) – For his contributions to the field of geriatric medicine, including the advancement of policies, education and specialized, culturally sensitive health care.

Read more about the recipients and the awards here.