The Standing Committee for Annual Meeting Planning Committee (SCAMP) provides continuity to Forum planning and reports to the CAHS Board of Directors.

Membership comprises the Committee Chair who serves a three year term renewable once; the CAHS Past President; the current CAHS President; two CAHS Fellow representatives who serve staggered three year, non-renewable, terms; two Fellows at Large who may be needed to provide topic or logistical expertise; and the annual Forum co-chairs.  Calls for nominations for the positions of Chair and Fellow Representatives are released to the CAHS Fellows by the Governance and Nominating Committee who then takes forward recommendations to the CAHS Board for approval.


  • Coordinate agenda planning for the annual CAHS scientific Forum and present a final proposal to the CAHS Board for approval;
  • Solicit meeting venue proposals and make advance planning recommendations to the CAHS Board;
  • Solicit recommendations from the membership for Forum topics and select a topic for the following year – by May 1 of the current year – that can be presented to the CAHS Board for approval and presented by the Co-Chairs at the September Annual General Meeting;
  • Select Forum co-Chairs who will be responsible for planning the agenda and identifying speakers. It may be desirable to also identify one or two Fellows with topic or logistical expertise and engage them in planning activities;
  • Collaborate with the Committee for Development & Strategic Communications to develop a coordinated fundraising campaign that supports the annual event and is mindful of related future assessment activity. Solicit, track and report donor support.



Judy Illes CM, PhD, FCAHS

University of British Columbia

Committee Chair

Sandra T. Davidge PhD, FCAHS

Distinguished Professor, Faculty of Medicine, University of Alberta

Program Co-Chair

John Challis PhD, DSc, FSB, FRCOG, FCAHS, FRSC

Professor Emeritus, University of Toronto

Adjunct Professor, Simon Fraser University

Program Co-Chair