A Forum is a meeting or series of meetings convened by CAHS as an ongoing opportunity for public and private-sector experts, sponsors, and other interested parties to discuss important issues in an open environment that facilitates evidence-based dialogue. This “convening” activity brings people from government, academia, industry, NGO’s, and professional associations together in a neutral environment created by CAHS. These Forums are generally convened with the expectation that there will be a continuing activity on the subject; they may be part of a scoping exercise for a larger formal full report, or a test vehicle intended to lead to the initiation of an ongoing series of meetings. They may be convened on a particular theme that brings participants together with some periodicity to discuss topics under the theme – such as microbial threats or health workforce planning. Depending on the agreement between CAHS and the sponsor(s), the summary report of the “convened activity” may range from informal notes for the Forum participants only, through to a Summary Report for more general distribution. Such reports do not issue conclusions or recommendations in the name of CAHS, because the Forum process includes the sponsors and other interested parties, and the Reports reflect the points of view of these committed groups and individuals.