Join us, Tuesday, September 28 and Wednesday, September 29, 2021 for our Virtual Forum.

The 2021 Forum will focus on “Healthy Start, Life-Long Impact: Eradicating Non-Communicable Disease”.

The 2021 Forum, is led by Co‐Chairs, Sandra Davidge, PhD, FCAHS , and John RG Challis, OC PhD FCAHS FRSC.

Predisposition to disease is affected by a broad range of factors, genetic, epigenetic and environmental. It is now well established that maternal or paternal influences, factors pre- or peri-conception, during pregnancy or in the early postnatal period predispose an individual or population to major non-communicable disease conditions, including coronary heart disease, obesity, Type II diabetes, immune, behavioural and neurological conditions.

The 2021 CAHS Forum will examine current understanding of mechanisms underlying the Developmental Origins of Health and Disease (DOHaD); discuss new ways of predicting predisposition to disease and apply that knowledge to the diagnosis, intervention and prevention of non-communicable disease across health disciplines. The discussion will apply to indigenous and immigrant populations as well as non-Indigenous Canadians to inform proposals for altered practice and government policy.


Click here to view the Forum agenda and line-up of expert speakers.


Online registration will begin in March.