Regional networks provide opportunities for Fellows to connect with other Fellows in their region and to the work of the Academy between annual general meetings.  They function as informal forums to rally Fellows together, building relationships, incubating ideas and crafting Assessment and Forum topics.  Our regional networks are playing an increasingly important role in helping to promote and disseminate the work of the Academy in the provinces and identifying worthy candidates for Fellowship nomination.

Regional Leads

British Columbia:  John Cairns & Sally Thorne

Calgary:  Jon Meddings

Edmonton:  Kim Raine

Newfoundland:  Jane Green

Nova Scotia:  Gerald Johnson & Ingrid Sketris

Ontario (Hamilton):

Ontario (Toronto):  Linda Rabeneck

Ontario (London):  Davy Cheng

Quebec:  Paul Allison & Louise Potvin

Saskatoon:  Jay Kalra

Vancouver Island, British Columbia: Neena L. Chappell & Elizabeth Borycki

Winnipeg:  Peter Nickerson & Allan Ronald