Our Fellows and COVID-19

CAHS Fellows have been providing leadership in a variety of ways to help tackle the COVID-19 pandemic.  Some examples are below.

March 30 – U of A health policy expert aims to cure COVID-19 ‘infodemic’. UofA.

  • Fellow: Timothy Caulfield

March 29 – Why are more men dying of COVID-19? Global.

  • Fellow : Cara Tannenbaum (CIHR)

March 26 – CHRIM CEO will help lead global study to improve diagnosis and treatment in children infected by Covid-19. CHIRM.

  • Fellow: Terry Klassen (Children’s Hospital Research Institute of Manitoba, University of Manitoba)

March 26 – Coronavirus a ‘wake-up call’ for Canada’s prescription drug supply. CBC.

  • Fellow: Jacalyn Duffin (Queen’s)

March 25 – Local researchers aim to test COVID-19 treatment in Hamilton.  Hamilton Spectator.

  • Fellows: Salim Yusuf, Mark Loeb, Hertzel Gerstein, Sonia Anand, Deb Cook (McMaster University)

March 25 – How artificial intelligence can accelerate our response to global pandemics (Opinion).  Globe and Mail.

  • Fellow: Alan Bernstein, author (Canadian Institute for Advanced Research)

March 25 – How three Canadian research teams are battling the pandemic.  University Affairs.

  • Fellow: Ronald Labonté (University of Ottawa)

March 23 – How  the U of A’s Li Ka Shing Institute of Virology is responding to the COVID-19 crisis.  University of Alberta.

  • Fellow: Lorne Tyrrell (University of Alberta).

March 23 – Montreal Heart Institute launches clinical study into potential COVID-19 treatment.  CBC.

  • Fellow: Jean-Claude Tardif (Montreal Heart Institute)

March 20 – U of A researchers hot on the trail of COVID-19.  London Free Press.

  • Fellow: Lorne Tyrrell (University of Alberta).

March 18 – Coronavirus: Canadians warned not to stockpile medicine beyond 30-day supply.  Global.

  • Fellow: Jacalyn Duffin (Queen’s)

March 17 – Montreal researchers propose a treatment for COVID-19.  McGill Tribune.

  • Fellow: Michel Chrétien

March 12 – A geriatrician talks about the COVID-19 pandemic and what it means for seniors. CBC

  • Fellow: Kenneth Rockwood

March 12 – How to help the health-care system cope with COVID-19. The Province.

  • Fellow: Jaclyn Duffin

March 8 – From test strips to llama antibodies, U of O researchers take on COVID-19. CBC.

  • Fellow: Ronald Labonte (Ottawa U)