CAHS Fellows have been providing leadership in a variety of ways to help tackle the COVID-19 pandemic.  Some examples are below.

Dec 18 – Why there’s no blanket recommendation on COVID-19 vaccination in pregnancy

  • Fellows: Noni MacDonald (Dalhousie University)

Dec 9 – Liquor and lockdown

  • Fellows: Tim Stockwell (University of Victoria)

Dec 9 – How an entire industry sped up the vaccine timeline


  • Scott Halperin (Dalhousie University)
  • Karen Mossman (McMaster University)

Dec 5 – Politicians not prioritized for early COVID-19 vaccine doses

  • Fellows: Caroline Quach (Université de Montréal)

Nov 24 – Fever, loss of taste or smell among telltale COVID-19 symptoms in Canadian kids

  • Fellows: Finlay McAlister (University of Alberta)

Nov 22Distribution, lack of national registry top hurdles for Canada’s COVID-19 vaccine rollout

  • Fellows: Caroline Quach (Université de Montréal)

Nov 18 – COVID-19: Pandemic wears on British Columbians’ mental health, many unsure where to turn

  • Fellows: Lakshmi Yatham (The University of British Columbia)

Nov 17 – Interim report shows results of COVID-19 tests for arriving international travellers

  • Fellows: Vivek Goel (University of Toronto)

Nov 17 – Why federal government should reject human challenge trials for COVID-19 vaccine

  • Fellows: Francoise Baylis (Dalhousie University)

Nov 6 – U of A heart transplant expert exploring connection between blood group and COVID-19

  • Fellows: Lori West (University of Alberta)

Nov 6 – McMaster researchers awarded $1.475M to further investigate COVID-19

  • Fellows: Karen Mossman (McMaster University)

Nov 6 – Paving the way for COVID-19 research: RI-MUHC and McGill Containment level 3 Labs receive $1M in funding to accelerate research with live SARS Cov-2

  • Fellows: Marcel Behr (McGill University)

Nov 5 – COVID-19 drug and vaccine patents are putting profit before people

  • Fellows: Ronald Labonte (University of Ottawa)

Oct 30 – USask doctor volunteers to support COVID-19 efforts in Bolivia

  • Fellows: Ivar Mendez (University of Saskatchewan)

Oct 30 – Let’s Do Better: Public Representations of COVID-19 Science


  • Tania Bubela (Simon Fraser University)
  • Timothy Caulfield (University of Alberta)
  • Vardit Ravitsky (Université de Montréal)

Oct 28 – Researchers at U of T to study presence of COVID-19 antibodies in high-​risk populations

  • Fellows: John McLaughlin (Dalla Lana School of Public Health, University of Toronto)

Oct 23 – Using plasma to treat COVID-19 still in question after clinical trial results

  • Fellows: Dana Devine (The University of British Columbia)

Oct 22 – New research shares safety strategies for women experiencing domestic violence during the COVID-19 Pandemic

  • Fellows: Patricia O’Campo (University of Toronto)

Oct 21 – Indigenous led COVID-19 testing centre opens in Toronto at Na-Me-Res

  • Fellows: Janet Smylie (Dalla Lana School of Public Health, University of Toronto)

Oct 20 – COVID-19 takes toll on physical health of young Canadians, scientists, school board find

  • Fellows: Mark Tremblay (University of Ottawa)

Oct 13 – New research finds thousands of long-stay home-care clients did not get flu shot in 2019

  • Fellows: John Hirdes (University of Waterloo)

Oct 9The psychological toll of the pandemic – Will we ever shake hands again?

  • Fellows: Lakshmi Yatham (The University of British Columbia)

Oct 9 – Easing the Disruption of COVID-19: Supporting the Mental Health of the People of Canada


  • Patrick J. McGrath (Dalhousie University)
  • Sherry H. Stewart (Dalhousie University)

Oct 8 – Confused about whether to gather for Thanksgiving this year? You’re not alone

  • Fellows: Timothy Caulfield (University of Alberta)

Oct 6 – Sharing a COVID-19 vaccine with other nations is smart for public health and economy

  • Fellows: Peter Singer (Sandra Rotman Centre for Health Sector Strategy)

Oct 5 – Delayed due to COVID-19, cancer screenings slow to resume

  • Fellows: Linda Rabeneck (Cancer Care Ontario)

Oct 1 – $4M launches national study on COVID-19 antibodies in older adults


  • Parminda Raina (McMaster University)
  • David Naylor (University of Toronto)

Sept 29 – $2M funding to mitigate COVID-19 impact on tuberculosis services

  • Fellows: Madhukar Pai (McGill University)

Sept 25 – Reconciling Civil Liberties and Public Health in the Response to COVID-19

  • Fellows: Colleen M. Flood (uOttawa Centre for Health Law, Policy and Ethics, University of Ottawa)

Sept 24 – No one likes wearing a mask — but with COVID-19 cases rising, you should put it on more often than you think

  • Fellows: Timothy Caulfield (University of Alberta)

Sept 22 – Pandemic Perspectives – What we’ve learned from COVID-19


  • Carole Estabrooks (University of Alberta)
  • D. Lorne Tyrrell (University of Alberta)

Sept 21 – Living with dementia during COVID-19

  • Fellows: Roger Y. Wong (The University of British Columbia)

Sept 21 – Explainer: How clinical trials test COVID-19 vaccines

  • Fellows: Charles Weijer (Western University)

Sept 20 – Depression and dementia in the age of COVID-19: Two sides, one coin

  • Fellows: Donald Weaver (Krembil Research Institute)

Sept 11 – Here’s who’s eligible for a COVID-19 antibody test in Ontario

  • Fellows: Prabhat Jha (St. Michael’s)

Sept 10 – Will the Kids be Okay?

  • Fellows: Ronald Cohn (The Hospital for Sick Children)

Sept 10 – COVID-19 Immunity Task Force partners with CIHR to support 22 studies investigating COVID-19

  • Fellows: Stephen Hwang (UHN), Caroline Quach (CHU Sainte-Justine)

Sept 9 – Lawson Research: Evaluating virtual symptom tracking for COVID-19 positive patients, new study

  • Fellow: Anthony Tang (Cardiac Arrhythmia Network of Canada)

Sept 9 – UHN: A Promising Candidate

  • Fellow: Donald Weaver (Krembil Research Institute)

Sept 8 – The Conversation: As schools reopen, will this be the least fit generation of schoolchildren ever? (Opinion)

  • Co-author: Mark Tremblay (University of Ottawa)

Sept 5 – CBC: What the level of COVID-19 immunity in Canada could mean for the vaccine hunt

  • Fellows: David Naylor (University of Toronto), Caroline Quach (CHU Sainte-Justine)

Sept 4 – Research Manitoba: Research Manitoba is pleased to announce the recipients of the Manitoba COVID-19 Rapid Response Grant Competition Recipients

  • Fellows: Harvey Chochinov (University of Manitoba), Leslie Roos (University of Manitoba)

Sept 3 – Global: A second coronavirus lockdown in Canada? Experts discuss the likelihood

  • Fellow: Prahbat Jha, St. Michael’s

Sept 2 – PPF Podcast: The Next Move on Vaccines and the Canadian Arsenal Against COVID-19

  • Fellow: Alan Bernstein (CIFAR)

Sept 2 – St. Michael’s: Analysis of seven trials finds that corticosteroids reduce risk of death by 20 per cent in critically ill COVID-19 patients

  • Fellow: John Marshall, St. Michael’s

Sept 2 – G&M: Cheap, widely available steroids significantly reduce the risk of death for severely ill COVID-19 patients

  • Fellow: John Marshall, St. Michael’s

Sept 2 – SFU: SFU’s Tania Bubela co-leading COVID-19 return-to-work study

  • Fellow: Tania Bubela, SFU

Sept 1 – McGill Foundation: 1.4M to support vulnerable populations in their battle against COVID-19 – Trottier Family Foundation supports new online research initiatives in the fight against COVID-19

  • Fellows: Cara Tannenbaum, Cecile Rosseau

August 28 – Hamilton Spectator: COVID-19 vaccine to be tested in Hamilton

  • Fellow Mark Loeb, McMaster

August 28 – UofT: U of T experts to help lead national COVID-19 research network

  • Fellow: Vivek Goel, U of T

August 27 – UofT: Canada’s pandemic ‘slow burn’ is best possible scenario under the circumstances: U of T health experts

  • Fellows: Vivek Goel, Prabhat Jha

August 26 – CBC: Canadian COVID-19 clinical trial scrapped after China wouldn’t ship potential vaccine

  • Fellow: Scott Halperin, Dalhousie

August 26 – McGill Reporter: Cancer doesn’t wait

  • Fellow: Eduardo Franco, McGill

August 25 – CBC: As school year nears, some warn Canada ‘lagging behind’ on approving COVID-19 saliva tests

  • Fellow: Michael Glogauer, U of T

August 24 – Policy Options: A response to COVID-19 requires global action (Opinion)

  • Co-author: Colleen Flood (University of Ottawa)

August 24 – The Conversation: Ethics must not be ignored when testing COVID-19 vaccines (Opinion)

  • Author: Charles Weijer, Western

August 24 – UofA: Why not using cash during COVID-19 could make you more likely to overspend

  • Fellow: David Evans, U of A

August 19 – Conversation: Why face masks can make eyes feel dry, and what you can do about it (opinion)

  • Author: Lyndon Jones (UW)

August 15 – National Post: ‘It is like sitting on a cliff’: September, schools and pre-traumatic stress disorder in COVID times

  • Fellow: Judy Illes, UBC

August 13Toronto Star: Translating pandemic data into lessons learned

  • Fellow: Eric Meslin

Aug 6 – G&M Opinion: COVID-19 is testing the ability of Canada’s health research system

  • Co-author: Sharon Straus, U of T

July 30 – UofA: Discovery of mechanism behind HIV infections could also hold key to COVID-19: U of A researchers

  • Fellow: Richard Rachubinski

July 29 – UA (opinion): In the midst of the pandemic, academics are fighting a rising ‘infodemic’

  • Fellow: Timothy Caulfield, University of Alberta

July 28 – UBC : Three Faculty of Medicine researchers to study long-term effects of COVID-19 on children

  • Fellow : Brett Finlay

July 28 – UofT: Loss of medical services and anesthetic care widening health gaps for rural communities: U of T researcher

  • Fellow: Beverley Orser

July 27 – UofA: Eight things you need to know about the worldwide hunt for a COVID-19 vaccine

  • Fellow: David Evans

July 23 – Owen Sound Sun Times: Researchers look to unlock secrets of COVID-19 herd immunity by studying Canada’s Hutterite colonies

  • Fellow: Mark Loeb, McMaster

July 23 – McGill: New study offers first glimpse into how widespread COVID-19 antibodies are in Canada’s adult population

  • Fellow: David Naylor, University of Toronto

July 22 – G&M: Spike in Ontario cremations could reflect underreporting of COVID-19 deaths

  • Fellow: Prahbat Jha, St. Michael’s

July 21 – PHRI: Assessing coagulation biomarkers in COVID-19 research

  • Fellow: Salim Yusuf, McMaster

July 17 – UofT: How AI is enabling COVID-19 research

  • Fellow: Jean-Philippe Julien

July 17 – Government of Ontario: Ontario Announces Next Round of Research Projects to Fight COVID-19

  • Fellows include: Katherine Siminovitch (Sinai Health System)

July 16 – The Province: Early detection of sepsis a potential breakthrough in COVID-19 battle

  • Fellow: Bob Hancock, UBC

July 15 – UofA: Art project aims to make viewers look twice—and think twice—before sharing COVID-19 misinformation

  • Fellow: Timothy Caulfield

July 15 – McMaster: More than a dozen CHEPA members involved in COVID-19 research and activities

  • Fellow: John Lavis


  • Fellow: Shana Kelley

July 14 – McMaster : MIRA awards $75,000 in funding for COVID-19 research with focus on older adults

  • Fellows: Heather Keller, Schlegel-UW Research Institute for Aging, Harvey Chochinov, University of Manitoba

July 12 – News 1130: Vancouver-based study to help quickly diagnose patients most at risk of dying from COVID-19

  • Fellow: Bob Hancock, UBC

July 9 – CBC: Should we be testing for COVID-19 after death? An Ontario man thinks so

  • Fellow: Prabhat Jha, University of Toronto, Centre for Global Health Research – St. Michael’s

July 6 – iPolitics: Canada yet to receive vaccine candidate from Chinese developer it reached an agreement with in May

  • Fellow: Scott Halperin, Dalhousie University

July 6 – UofT: Study by U of T and American researchers could lead to anti-inflammatory treatments, including for COVID-19

  • Fellow: Chris McCulloch

July 5 – The Conversation: As U.S. buys up remdesivir, ‘vaccine nationalism’ threatens access to COVID-19 treatments (opinion)

  • Fellow: Joel Lexchin, University of Toronto

July 3 – Star: Toronto’s COVID-19 divide stretches beyond regional boundaries

  • Fellow: Stephen Hwang (St. Mike’s)

July 1 – G&M: What we know – and don’t know – about masks (Opinion)

  • Fellow: Mark Loeb, McMaster, co-author


  • Fellow: Terry Snutch, UBC

June 25 – CTV – Two Montreal researchers have received $6.3M to study COVID-19

  • Fellows: Caroline Quach-Thanh, Francine Ducharme (Sainte-Justine Hospital)

June 25 – McMaster: McMaster scoops up $20M more for COVID-19 research

  • Fellows: Mark Loeb, Andrea Baumann

June 25 – Global: McMaster awarded another $20M for COVID-19 research

  • Fellow: Paul O’Bryne, McMaster

June 25 – McGill: Three COVID-19 projects at the RI-MUHC to receive CIHR funding

  • Fellow: Madhukar Pai

June 25 – OHRI: The Ottawa Hospital awarded $4.7 million for COVID-19 research from the Canadian Institutes of Health Research

  • Fellow: Duncan Stewart

June 25 – McGill: New laboratory to advance research in 3D brain modelling

  • Fellow: Alan Evans


  • Fellow: Terry Klassen

June 25Global: McMaster awarded another $20M for COVID-19 research

  • Fellow: Paul O’Bryne

June 23 – LFP: Lawson institute seeks hospitals’ permission to resume medical research in limited way

  • Fellow: David Hill (Lawson Health Research Institute)

June 20 – CBC: Scientists aren’t waiting around for governments to launch antibody testing

  • Fellow: Prabhat Jha (St. Michael’s Hospital)

June 19 – The Spec: Do children spread COVID-19? A critical question Hamilton researchers aim to answer

  • Fellow: Mark Loeb (McMaster)

June 17 – CBC: SickKids doctors expect safe return to school for Ontario students in the fall

  • Fellow: Ronald Cohn (SickKids)

June 8 – Ontario Health: Infection Prevention and Control (IPAC) for Scheduled Surgeries and Procedures During the COVID-19 Pandemic

  • Fellow Chris Simpson (Queen’s) Chaired the COVID-19 Response: Surgical and Procedural Planning Committee

June 8 – The Conversation: After COVID-19’s tragic toll, Canada must improve quality of life in long-term care homes (Opinion)

  • Fellow Joel Lexchin, co-author (UHN)

June 1 – CTV:10,000 Canadians to be tested for COVID-19 antibodies in hopes of understanding immunity

  • Fellow: Prabhat Jha (St. Michael’s)

May 28 – Queens: Educating future frontline health care professionals

  • Fellow: Richard Reznick

May 28Western: Feature: Exploring the ethics of human challenge studies for COVID-19

  • Fellow: Charles Weijer

May 27 – G&M: Ventilator supplies to grow in Canada while need shifts to developing world

  • Fellow: Arthur Slutsky (St. Michael’s)

May 26 – CBC: Antivirals best defence against a disease that may be here to stay, says COVID-19 researcher

  • Fellow: D. Lorne Tyrrell  (University of Alberta)

May 25 – Fellow Caroline Quach-Thanh (Université de Montréal) appeared at the House of Commons Standing Committee on Health.

May 25Global: Lockdown 2.0? Case spikes could lead to more coronavirus restrictions

  • Fellow: Vivek Goel (University of Toronto)

May 23 – CBC: Drug strategies to fight COVID-19 move beyond guesses

  • Fellow: Alan Bernstein (CIFAR)

May 22 – UofA: COMMENTARY || COVID-19 brings importance of public health education to forefront

  • Co-authored by two fellows: Kue Young and Faith Davis

May 19 – G&M: Reducing COVID-19 cases can’t be our only public health goal (Opinion)

  • Authored by Vivek Goel (University of Toronto)

May 19iPolitics: Clinical trials of Chinese vaccine similar to Ebola immunizer in Canada to begin in weeks

  • Fellow: Scott Halperin (Dalhousie)

May 18 – Policy Options: COVID-19 crisis in nursing homes is a gendered crisis. (Opinion)

  • Fellow: Carole Estabrooks, co-author (University of Alberta)

May 18 – Fellow Michael Strong (Canadian Institutes of Health Research) appeared at the House of Commons Standing Committee on Health.

May 16 – CBC: Canada’s first COVID-19 vaccine trials approved for Halifax university

  • Fellow: Scott Halperin (Dalhousie)

May 15 – Spec: COVID-19 ravages research in Hamilton

  • Fellows: Mark Loeb, Salim Yusuf (McMaster)

May 14 – UofT: U of T researchers seek to understand the novel coronavirus on a ‘deep molecular level’

  • Fellow – Shana Kelley

May 13 – U of A: U of A researchers and Tonix Pharmaceuticals race to develop and test candidate vaccines for COVID-19

  • Fellow – David Evans

May 12 – Royal College: COVID 19 Research Q&A Series

  • Fellow – Prof. Timothy Caulfield

May 11 – OHRI: COVID-19 Evidence Network to support decision-making

  • Fellows – Jeremy Grimshaw (University of Ottawa), John Lavis (McMaster)

May 11McMaster: McMaster faculty help lead national response to COVID-19

  • Fellow – Deborah Cook

May 9 – CBC: Could risky human challenge studies help find a vaccine sooner? “Second Opinion” section

  • Fellow – Timothy Caulfield (University of Alberta)

May 8 – St. Michael’s: St. Michael’s could be the ‘catalyst’ for global collaboration on COVID-19 clinical research

  • Fellow – John Marshall

May 5 – Global: Lawson grants $200K to more than 14 local COVID-19 research projects

  • Fellow – David Hill (Lawson Health Research Institute)

May 5 – CP: Scientists concerned focus on COVID-19 disrupting regular health research funds

  • Fellow: Tarik Moloy (University of Montreal)

May 5 – Tor Star: COVID-19 has put routine cancer screening for many in Ontario on hold

  • Fellow: Linda Rabeneck (Cancer Care Ontario)

May 3 – CBC: What we know and don’t know about immunity to COVID-19

  • Fellow: Mark Loeb (McMaster)

May 2 – CBC: Scientists aim to ‘see’ invisible transmission of coronavirus

  • Fellow: Mark Loeb (McMaster)

May 1 – UofT: U of T researcher develops diagnostic lung test to identify patients at high risk of COVID-19 complications

  • Fellow: Shaf Keshavjee (UHN)

April 30 – National Post: Science — and vaccines — will save us all

  • Authored by Fellow Alan Bernstein (Canadian Institute for Advanced Research).

April 30CTV: Canadian-designed system a new way of keeping an eye on seriously ill COVID-19 patients

  • Fellow: Shaf Keshavejee (UHN)

April 27 – Front-line care aides are the real heroes.  Hill Times.

  • Fellow (co-author): Carole Estabrooks (University of Alberta)

April 27 – Medicine shortages in light of COVID-19: a wake-up call for drug security. Hill Times.

  • Fellow (co-author): Jacalyn Duffin (Queen’s University)

April 27 – Why has Canada’s data collection during the pandemic been so bad? Hill Times.

  • Fellow (author): Michael Wolfson (University of Ottawa)

April 27 – Change accelerator: COVID-19. Hill Times.

  • Fellow (co-author): Chris Simpson (Queen’s University)

April 27 – Why does it take a crisis to understand that health workers are our health system? Hill Times.

  • Fellow (co-author): Ivy Bourgeault (University of Ottawa)

April 26 – UBC: Ottawa announces $40 million to sequence COVID-19 viral and patient genomes

  • Fellow: Terry Snutch (UBC)

April 23 – Harnessing stem cells and regenerative medicine to fight COVID-19. OHRI.

  • Fellow: Duncan Stewart (Ottawa Hospital Research Institute)

April 23 – Trudeau announces $1.1B scientific strategy to fight COVID-19. CBC.

  • Fellow: David Naylor (University of Toronto)

April 22 – University of Alberta neurologists watch for signs that COVID-19 can attack the brain. UofA.

  • Fellow: Christopher Power

April 22 – National study to collect data on aging adults’ experiences during COVID-19 pandemic. McGill.

  • Fellow: Parminder Raina (McMaster)

April 22 – Losing the ‘rhythm of life’: Pandemic’s disruption of routines affects our sense of self, experts say. CBC.

  • Fellow: Alex Clark (University of Alberta)

April 22 – New research aims to use CT scans to better diagnose COVID-19. Richmond News.

  • Kendall Ho (UBC)

April 22 – Should I leave my retirement or long-term care home due to COVID-19? New tools can help with tough decisions. OHRI.

  • Fellow: Dawn Stacey (University of Ottawa)

April 21Bayer partners with Population Health Research Institute (PHRI) on major global research study on COVID-19 treatments         .

  • Fellow: Salim Yusuf (McMaster University)

April 20 – U of T to support 31 high-impact coronavirus research projects through Toronto COVID-19 Action Fund. U of T.

  • Fellows:
    • Laurent Brochard
    • Paul Dorian
    • Shana Kelley

April 19 – Extended McGill community steps up to battle COVID-19, says Dean of Medicine. McGill Reporter.

  • Fellow: David Eidelman (McGill)

April 17 – ‘It’s heartbreaking’: Homeless during pandemic left out in the cold — figuratively and literally. CBC.

  • Fellow: Stephen Hwang (St. Michael’s)

April 16 – During the pandemic, why has Canada’s data collection lagged so far behind? Globe and Mail

  • Fellow (author): Michael Wolfson (University of Ottawa)

April 16 – Alberta study investigates the impact of early intervention with hydroxychloroquine to help patients battling COVID-19. University of Calgary

  • Fellow: Michael Hill (University of Calgary)

April 16 – ‘We have a whole globe to protect’: Pandemic vaccine research speeds up. CBC.

  • Fellow: Scott Halperin (Dalhousie University)

April 16 – University of Alberta researchers in race against time to create COVID-19 vaccine. Alberta Innovates

  • Fellow: Lorne Tyrrell (University of Alberta)

April 15 – Opinion: There is a better way to tackle infectious diseases that people and animals share.  Calgary Herald.

  • Fellow (author): Baljit Singh (University of Calgary)

April 15 – Timothy Caulfield leads research project to combat coronavirus misinformation.  Alberta Innovates.

  • Fellow: Timothy Caulfield (University of Alberta)

April 11 – Dr. Elizabeth Borycki, professor in the School of Health Information Science at the University of Victoria, talks about scientific modelling, how it works and their importance in helping health professionals deal with COVID-19. CHEK.

April 8 – Doctor says SARS tests offer encouraging lesson on treating COVID-19 with plasma. iPolitics

  • Fellow: Dana Devine (UBC)

April 8 – Mushrooms, oregano oil and masks targeted in crackdown on misleading COVID-19 ads. CBC

  • Fellow: Stan Kutcher (Dalhousie University)

April 7 – Ottawa Hospital researchers join the global race to treat, prevent COVID-19. Ottawa Citizen

  • Fellow: Duncan Stewart (University of Ottawa)

April 7 – Layoffs, lost funding and how COVID-19 may permanently hurt London’s medical-research sector. London Free Press

  • Fellow: David Hill (Lawson Health Research Institute)

April 7 – Layoffs, lost funding and how COVID-19 may permanently hurt London’s medical-research sector. London Free Press

  • Fellow: David Hill (Lawson Health Research Institute)

April 6 – Social distancing: How to persuade others it works. BBC

  • Fellow: Jacalyn Duffin (Queen’s)

April 4 – Ottawa Hospital researchers join the global race to treat, prevent COVID-19. Ottawa Citizen

  • Fellow: Duncan Stewart (Ottawa U)

April 3 – Edmonton professor receives grants of $380,000 to combat COVID-19 misinformation. Edmonton Journal.

  • Fellow: Timothy Caulfield (U Alberta)

April 2 – Trial drug can significantly block early stages of COVID-19 in engineered human tissues. UBC.

  • Fellows: Haibo Zhang (St. Michael’s Hospital), Art Slutsky (St. Michael’s Hospital)

March 30 – Canada’s coronavirus aid package guards against drug shortages with compulsory licensing.  The Conservation (Opinion).

  • Fellow: Joel Lexchin (University Health Network)

March 30 – U of A health policy expert aims to cure COVID-19 ‘infodemic’. UofA.

  • Fellow: Timothy Caulfield (U Alberta)

March 29 – Why are more men dying of COVID-19? Global.

  • Fellow : Cara Tannenbaum (CIHR)

March 26 – CHRIM CEO will help lead global study to improve diagnosis and treatment in children infected by Covid-19. CHIRM.

  • Fellow: Terry Klassen (Children’s Hospital Research Institute of Manitoba, University of Manitoba)

March 26 – Coronavirus a ‘wake-up call’ for Canada’s prescription drug supply. CBC.

  • Fellow: Jacalyn Duffin (Queen’s)

March 25 – Local researchers aim to test COVID-19 treatment in Hamilton.  Hamilton Spectator.

  • Fellows: Salim Yusuf, Mark Loeb, Hertzel Gerstein, Sonia Anand, Deb Cook (McMaster University)

March 25 – How artificial intelligence can accelerate our response to global pandemics (Opinion).  Globe and Mail.

  • Fellow: Alan Bernstein, author (Canadian Institute for Advanced Research)

March 25 – How three Canadian research teams are battling the pandemic.  University Affairs.

  • Fellow: Ronald Labonté (University of Ottawa)

March 23 – How  the U of A’s Li Ka Shing Institute of Virology is responding to the COVID-19 crisis.  University of Alberta.

  • Fellow: Lorne Tyrrell (University of Alberta).

March 23 – Montreal Heart Institute launches clinical study into potential COVID-19 treatment.  CBC.

  • Fellow: Jean-Claude Tardif (Montreal Heart Institute)

March 20 – U of A researchers hot on the trail of COVID-19.  London Free Press.

  • Fellow: Lorne Tyrrell (University of Alberta).

March 18 – Coronavirus: Canadians warned not to stockpile medicine beyond 30-day supply.  Global.

  • Fellow: Jacalyn Duffin (Queen’s)

March 17 – Montreal researchers propose a treatment for COVID-19.  McGill Tribune.

  • Fellow: Michel Chrétien (Montreal Clinical Research Institute)

March 12 – A geriatrician talks about the COVID-19 pandemic and what it means for seniors. CBC

  • Fellow: Kenneth Rockwood (Dalhousie University)

March 12 – How to help the health-care system cope with COVID-19. The Province.

  • Fellow: Jaclyn Duffin (Queen’s U)

March 8 – From test strips to llama antibodies, U of O researchers take on COVID-19. CBC.

  • Fellow: Ronald Labonte (Ottawa U)