The Standing Committee on Governance and Nominations develops, advises and recommends to the Board the approaches and methods by which the Board will govern and nominate Board members and Board Executive members so that the CAHS achieves its Mission and Vision. Prime responsibilities fall in two succinct areas:


  • Define the philosophy and principles of governance that will ensure that the board is operating at a high level of effectiveness;
  • Develop structures and methods to enable the desired governance principles to be realized;
  • Ensure that the principles and practices are consistent with and supportive of the CAHS by-laws;
  • Periodic review of CAHS governance and strategic revision and development of new policy and procedures; and,
  • Carry out the annual performance assessment of the Board.

Board and Executive Nominations:

  • Lead the Board in discussing and agreeing on the competencies required for the positions on the Board and the Board Executives when a vacancy occurs;
  • Solicit a list of individuals who meet the desired competencies by releasing a call for nominations in the December edition of the President’s eBlast or Newsletter and by reaching out to Fellows in the discipline specific to the positions we need to fill.
  • Recommend individuals to fill vacancies on the Board and Board Executive; and,
  • Lead the Board in discussing and agreeing on recommendations for Committee Chairs, Fellow representative members and recipients of annual Award Nominations.


Professor of Medicine, University of Toronto
Vice President, Prevention and Cancer Control
Cancer Care Ontario

Committee Chair

Paul Allison
Université McGill
Annette Majnemer OT, PhD, FCAHS
Vice-Dean, Education, Faculty of Medicine, McGill University
Jon Meddings MD
Dean, Cumming School of Medicine, University of Calgary
Anita E. Molzahn, PhD, RN, FCAHS
Dean, Faculty of Nursing, University of Alberta